journey: perspective of the Christmas story Pt.3

journey: perspective of the Christmas story Pt.3journey: What is your perspective?

Matthew 1:25.

Mary and Joseph’s perspective of the Christmas story would have also been influenced by the Journey in between the unusual message and the birth of the child. It was a journey that would have been full of ups and downs and fears and joys. Yet, Mary and Joseph did not waver from their faith and because they believed in the truth of the message. Because of that belief they were able to endure the journey that eventually found them in Bethlehem, in a stable.

Some people may look at this story with a perspective that causes them to say, “Wait a minute, what is going on here! Mary and Joseph – God is ripping you off! He’s gone and told you that you’re going to be looking after His Son and then He doesn’t do anything about your late pregnancy journey to Bethlehem and of all places having to stay in a stable. You guys should talk to him about this – I mean you have a little leverage don’t you?”

But Mary and Joseph didn’t share that perspective in fact, the Bible records their simple obedience to God’s Word and their beautiful acceptance of His plan.

There is a journey that ..

everyone of us face as well. It begins the moment we hear the unusual message and it continues as we believe and have faith in the promise of God. In this journey there may be many ups and downs and there may be times when it seems as if things don’t make sense but keep believing in God and have faith in His promise.

Remember the Christmas story is not only about God coming to earth on that very special day – but it’s also about Jesus Christ remaining with us every day of our lives.

What is your perspective? What about the manger and the cross ?

Luke 2:1-7

A. Why the Manger?

babies. Illustrate. How inviting, How beautiful, cute, how approachable? Are they saying “c’mon let’s play, let’s enjoy… let’s have fun”

Is it not true when u see a puppy or a kitten, there’s almost an irresistible urge to come near it and touch it, but if it’s a full grown pitbull or a tiger, you will pull away sensing danger, protective cause u don’t want to lose a leg or an arm?

Is it not possible that’s the point of the manger scene? Does it not say “God wants to draw near” and come and see you won’t lose your limbs, God is not going to bite you”,

See, The chief end of man is to glorify God and to enjoy Him forever. Is that really true? That God wants us to enjoy Him, that He knows the only way we can do that is when we are not sacred out of our wits by Him or fear of being blown away by Him – for no one is scared away by a baby – The Manger scene bears has no secret, it has no arms secret agenda, no secret factory building nuclear arms or weapons of mass destruction, it has no secret desire to destroy, it only says “welcome”

That’s His signature, that’s His M.O., That’s His mission, that’s His goal. And He’s inviting us to come near. Do u hear what I hear?

Furthermore, the manger destroys the charge of arrogance that we may have against Him. God you must be arrogant to think You can save me, yeah savior of the world.

Is God arrogant? What does the manger say, the humility of being born, not even in a hotel room or an inn? Can u see – The manger speaks powerfully of a God that refuses to wield His power for fear it will drive people away.

The manger speaks powerfully of a God who wants to identify with the poor and the humble, the unfortunate ones, the struggling mothers, the homeless, the fearful, the hurting, the classless, the regular guy on the street.

The manger speaks to every one who feels insignificant, that there is One whose eyes are on us and feels He’s got to be with us. The manger makes a statement – there’s Someone who cares enough to enter the muck andl, a place of struggle and suffering and disease and war called earth. No, this God is not gonna watch from a distance.

He comes near enough to be touched and wrapped snugly in strips of cloth. He comes near enough to be laid in a manger in an insignificant hole really, a cave, and in a town so insignificant that today we sing of it in a carol “O little town of Bethlehem.” Wouldn’t it be awesome for the Lord of the world to be born in the capital city?

Born among animals, laid in a manger?

when he was born he was wrapped in cloths then placed in a proper cradle fit for a king right? No  But in a manger where animal have their meals. Arrogant? No way! Lk.2:7

God made you alive with Christ. He forgave all our sins. 14 He canceled the record that contained the charges against us. He took it and destroyed it by nailing it to Christ’s cross. Colossians 2:13,14

God is not keen on blowing us away like a bad action movie, God wants to take away the hate, the darkness,  So he took the punishment,

He says do not fear just come, just believe…

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