POPULAR Is Today’s Word

POPULAR, or respected?

witch Would you rather be and Would you rather be powerful, or influential? Mature leaders, and young leaders with promise, always choose respect and influence. Is there anything inherently wrong with popularity? No, there isn’t. It depends entirely upon what price you are willing to pay to be POPULAR. Clint Eastwood’s Dirty Harry said, “A man’s gotta know his limitations.” When you choose POPULAR over respect, influence, and personal/professional development; you are not ready for the rigors of leadership. A harsh, but necessary lesson.


There were times that Jesus was popular – as He entered Jerusalem on a donkey, the crowds cheered and even worshipped Him. However, the crowd was fickle and his popularity was not to last, it was not that long before that same crowd demanded that Barabbas be released and Jesus be crucified. Popularity is not something to be sought after, it may come but it is a facade. Jesus did nothing to be popular, what He did do was FINISH the work that God had for Him to do. He kept on mission and fulfilled the potential that God had for Him.

WE all want to be [Popular] but sometimes the price we pay for it is not the price that we should.” John C. Maxwell

Let’s BUILD a solid foundation that doesn’t cost us the wrong price. One that includes a Population of other people. Not Jut the POPULAR status of one person. Lets Build a solid foundation that sets its heights on serving people and increasing OUR worth together. Now that’s a price of growth, team support and encouragement worth paying for.

POPULAR Two Road’s

There are two routes that you can take in life: one is popularity and the other is integrity. If you make the decisions that cause you to be popular, you are living your life by OPINION POLLS. If you are interested in developing character, you make those decisions which will promote growth and development of CHARACTER. This is living life by integrity. Be true to yourself and ignore those voices who would make you just like everyone else.

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